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Painters  working in oils, acrylics, pastels, and watercolors in styles ranging from Realism and Surrealism  to Geometric Abstracts and Expressionism…

Photographers  working in both Black & White and Color, these works range from beautiful and decorative to gritty tableaux.  Some do corporate and event photography.

Printmakers Monoprints, Monotypes & Serigraphs in Abstract to Surreal styles.

Sculptors  working in bronze, copper, clay, rock & wood, their styles range from Folk Art and Whimsical to sophisticated and Expressionistic.

Illustrators & Cartoonists  Working in oils, acrylics, pen & ink, airbrush,  watercolors, and on the computer,  these artists’ styles range from serious botanical illustrations to  spooky and humorous works.  These artists do work for publications.  Their originals are not usually for sale.

By Artist’s Name

Sandra Beck
Karen Bokert
David Brion
Donna Brion
Juliana Brion
Lois Brion
Ida Butterworth
Edward Casagrande
Rex Cravat
Jim Fuess
Mary Gunning
Ken Gruenbarum
Tim Jacobus
Linda Kohl-Orton
Cathy Lang

Albert List, Jr
Thonas Lynch

Mark Loete
Steve McKenzie
Aleksandra Nowak
Nancy Ori
Dorota Orosz
Susan Peters
Frank Pietrucha
Barbara Pryzluska
Anne Rockwell
Audrey Rice

Stephen Rice
Richard G. Smith
Lubomir Tomaszewski
Gloria Wiernik