When this virtual museum is completed, it will be our tribute to our colleagues  and friends who have either retired or died.  None of the artwork pictured in this section will be for sale.


The first to be honored in our  virtual Museum are award-winning glass sculptor Rex B. Cravat 1947-2001 (pictured right) and Botany Professor Emeritus at Drexel University/Artist Dr. Albert List, Jr. (pictured below right) who passed away in 2005.  It is fitting that Rex and Al be inducted together as they had great respect for each other’s work.  They both prided themselves in depicting nature with precision, respect and a great artistic sense.


In the beginning, we will post PR photos we have on file.  Luckily, we have a good number of images to represent both Rex and Al.  Eventually, we will post photos of more recent works by Rex, including his Trout Jumping, of which only three were made.






Anyone who has photographs or stories (informational, touching or humorous, etc.) about Rex Cravat or Al List should call Donna Brion at 908.902.8770.

the sentinel

The Sentinel, hard glass, fumed with 24K gold and pure silver and frosted., by Rex Cravat.

In 1997, Rex entered this sculpture into an international competition and was named one of the top 400  glass sculptors in the world by The Corning Museum of Glass!


rex last photo
The last known photograph taken of Rex  Cravat at Brion Galleries in Lambertville, NJ.  It was taken in the courtyard behind the main building across from his glass sculpting studio in August of 2001.  He is pictured with some of his favorite things:  his silly binocular glasses, a pool stick, a beer and a cigarette.  His trusty companion Coco was just
 out of the shot.

list photo
© Dr. Albert List, Jr.
Self-Portrait in Costa Rica  (his favorite place on  earth), acrylics on canvas.


© Jim Davidson & Allison Brown
One of the last photographs taken of Al List while on a hike with his friends and colleagues Jim Davidson and Dr. Allison Brown.

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